“Ancelotti” infected with covids, threatens to visit Celta – win the Singha game

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Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti is set to miss out on the sidelines for the weekend’s trip to Celta Vigo. After having test positive for COVID-19

Real Madrid said on the club’s website that coach Ancelotti has tested positive for COVID-19. There is a high chance of missing a La Liga game ufabet at Celta Vigo this weekend. However, Real Madrid are hopeful that Ancelotti will return to test negative soon. Because after that, it’s the UEFA Champions League quarter-final first leg game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

Son Davide Ancelotti is expected to take over as interim manager for the Celta Vigo. And possibly London games. If the father is unable to shake off the coronavirus. Can For Real Madrid just had a nightmare before the rest of the national team program in March. After losing at home to Barcelona 4-0 in El Clasico. He wants to regain his confidence in the game at Baleidos on Saturday, April 2, before leaving for England to play Chelsea. C, Wednesday, April 6

Madrid’s visit against Celta is a crucial match and could be a season-defining moment, even more so after the past 0-4 loss to Barcelona in El Clasico. Los Blancos need to bounce back as soon as possible. And dropping points again would give bot Barcelona and Sevilla hope that Madrid can actually lose their current lead in the table. Confidence and momentum are crucial and Real Madrid will need both. If they want to avoid a battle for the title during the last few games of the season.