5 issues before Manchester United invaded Southampton

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Manchester United have a mission to reclaim the crowd from Liverpool after being overtaken on Saturday. By the “Red Devils” queued to visit Southampton‘s St Mary’s Stadium. Who is hoping to win his first match as he kicked off the season in defeat, it will be interesting to see if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can continue his superb form from the first game. Including their 2 new players will be able to enter the real field? Let’s delve into some interesting points before the ufabet game.

1. Waran or Lindelof

It’s a very interesting question, who will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer play tonight at centre-back? After Raphael Varane made his debut in front of supporters at Old Trafford. He train for a full week but was not involve in a friendly against Burnley. On Tuesday he is expect to be 100 per cent fit. Depending on whether Solskjaer will give him the opportunity to play or not.

Meanwhile, the title holder, Victor Lindelof. Who was heavily criticize last season. Returned to an excellent performance in the opening game against Leeds United, where he assisted with a beautiful long ball for Bruno to score with until after the game Solskjaer also had to admire the Swedish defender. this When the players are in good form, there is a possibility that the “Red Devils” coach may use Lindelof as a starter, ready for Varane to start on the bench.

2. Sancho wins the real one – James has to retreat

 Jadon Sancho had only start in the bench of the opening game last week and made his debut in the Manchester United shirt in the last 15 minutes. With Solskjaer arguing that the players were late in training. Because Sick after the Euro 2020 tournament and it will take some time to get fit. This time he has been training with the team in full and has also played in a friendly against Burnley.

When Sancho has a high chance of starting The person who is likely to be drop as a substitute is inevitable. Daniel James. Who still can’t break his good form in the game against “Yungthong”. Although James is determined and diligent, but he lacks knowledge . Certainly and still decisive as ever. If nothing went wrong, Sancho would have made his first start for sure.

3. Ghost pointed to the cannon stats

Manchester United have a chance to make history in an away game. Southampton this sunday Which this statistic must go back to last season, the “Red Devils” have been unbeaten in away games throughout the season. The latest away defeat came in the away game at Anfield in January last year.

Solskjaer and his team held a 26-match unbeaten away record ahead of this week’s clash at St Mary’s Stadium. Knoll, 2003-2004, are the longest unbeaten away in the Premier League (27 games in a row), and they are likely to overtake the record next Sunday when away. Wolverhampton.

4. Saint Lang Yuob – the captain of the team can’t carry it

The “Saints” have lost both Danny Ings and Yannick Westergaard. Who left the team before the start of the season, they have Adam Armstrong’s second goal scorer of the Championship last season. Came as a representative at Ings, where he opened the first score with Southampton finished But for the defensive line, no one has come to complete the puzzle that Westerguard Left behind, resulting in the opening match of the season that had to be defeated 3-1 to Everton.

Jack Stephens and Mohamed Salizu, two of the starting centre-backs in the first game, were both involved in goalscoring errors, manager Ralph Hasenhuttl. Must be tutoring the support line urgently. At the same time, the offensive game must also be improved because team captain James Ward Prows has received the ball often but has not been able to connect the game from midfield to front. Waiting to see that when returning to play in the home form Southampton will rise or not

5. Last season, the Saints were demolished!

Who remembers what happened at St Mary’s Stadium last season? That day, the “Red Devils” conceded 2 goals in 10 minutes for Southampton. Leading in the first half to 2-0, but in the second half Edinson Cavani came down as a super sub, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist for the team to win in stoppage time in a fun way. It’s an incredible game and it makes Southampton Became an opponent that “Red Devils” can come back to win the most 10 times (equivalent to Newcastle), with Manchester United collecting up to 35 points when falling behind. Southampton go first (only counting Premier League games)

As for the second match at Old Trafford, Solskjaer’s team retaliated with a huge 9-0 thump, the most massive score in the Premier League (equivalent to Manchester United’s win over Ips). (Vic 9-0 1995 and Southampton lost 0-9 Leicester in 2019)