David Beckham Completes World Cup 98 Lessons

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David Beckham goes through experience and many stories by one of the memories that teach the most That was the 1998 World Cup final. Which is said to be the event that made the superstar. Grow up to become a full grown adult Passed a very tough life test.

Back in the 1998 World Cup final, David Beckham made headlines around the world. In a game between the England national team with the Argentina national team Through the round of 16 teams at the stadium ” Stade Geoffrey Paris ‘s Charles ” City of Saint -Etienne, France by the end , both teams tied at 2-2 before a partisan ” blue and white ” can be. advance to the quarterfinals By winning in a penalty shootout

In addition to the painful elimination of the “ roaring lions ” clan, it was a huge issue that became a huge topic. Is to get a red card dismiss from the field of Beckham. With the rhythm outside the ufabet game, the Argentine national team captain Diego Simeone in the 47th minute resulted in Beckham. become the scapegoat of the media and England national football team fans inevitably

What happened to Beckham?

What many wonder is What happened to David Beckham? from being kick out of the field with a red card Especially the atmosphere in the England dressing room on that day, of course. No one will unlock the secret better than Beckham. Which owns direct experience. In addition to the atmosphere in the dressing room, Beckham also shared the reaction of his teammates. and life after returning to England as well

Beckham recalls the day he lost to Argentina. As he is a part from being kicked out of the field. With a red card after the game England teammates Walking back to the dressing room. However, the atmosphere was very desolate. No one said anything to him. It was truly silent.  

Gary Neville and Paul Scholes

Beckham continued to describe his feelings: Among the many people in the dressing room But he had never felt so alone in his life. Fortunately. However , Manchester United team-mates Gary Neville and Paul Scholes also came to console him. with a message of encouragement about 1-2 sentences

After being fired that day. Beckham said he want to shout out loud that he was sorry. Both to teammates and team manager. He wanted to go back in time and correct the mistakes that had just happened. However, he knew it was too late. He could only lock himself in guilt. and only anxiety  

Beckham concluded the incident in the dressing room that day that Tony Adams was another person who walk in and put his hand on him. Embracing him tightly , Adams told him that he wanted him to open up and listen. Everyone has made mistakes. Don’t get bog down by that mistake. Come back strong along with being a better person than before  

In addition to a few teammates who encouraged them, Beckham answered another story. the first to call him After the incident of getting a red card in that game, it was Sir Alex Ferguson who told him that I want Beckham back to manchester which is like a warm home

with a guarantee that he will be fine such words Help fill Beckham with power. To get through the most difficult times in your life.