Neville review after Manchester United and Newcastle 1-1

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Manchester United ‘s acting manager Ralph Rangnick was blown away by Sky Sports critic Gary Neville after criticizing Newcastle United’s lack of play in the match against Newcastle. 1-1 yesterday. Even if it was claim that the stadium was abandon for a long time. It shouldn’t rust that much.

Manchester United faces coronavirus, Camp Aon Training Complex has postponed several ufabet games Until the visit of St . James’s Park includes a 16- day absence from grass floor. It’s enough to understand. May not play well. But what he showed was extremely irritating.

 “ You don’t expect them to produce great results. Once in a deserted field to 16 days , changing the manager . The team , trying to get accustom to the new system. The balance in the team is still not perfect ” Opening the mouth with ‘ Monday Night Football ‘

Opening the mouth with ‘ Monday Night Football

“ But what I’ve been worried about since after the Norwich game is that they don’t have a top-pressing ball , ignorance , fundamentals of the game. Or every rhythm competition on the field always loses “

“To be honest yesterday it was a very bad performance, always wrong. Not one thing was done properly. No player can say they’ve performed well. Or have righteousness to not be insult, no positive signs, none at all. ”

“ It’s probably the basics of the game you can do well. Must win in the rhythm competition , enter the extraction appropriately , show alertness. Or what are some of them? ” 

“ They only blame themselves ! Let’s go together ! A group of idiots ! Watch them on the field just raising their arms to the sky. Blame it, blame it all ! Damn it, the first half of the performance was really exhausting. ” 

“That troop made one manager . The team has already been fired ! Ralph Rangnick probably won’t come in to be fired again. You have only been in charge of the team for 2-3 weeks, but may not survive if the team is still that style. Players should go back and look at themselves because their performance is much lower than expected. ” 

” They played against the team bottom of the table ( New Castle , Norwich ) but did not show any positive side to it , Asst . Teams did not do anything. The selection of players to play on the field is not good enough. ” 

The result makes this time United have 28 points in seven tables, behind Arsenal’s quotas . The last team is 7 points with less than two matches.